15 November 2013 Comments Off on Guest Post: Marriage name change in NSW

Guest Post: Marriage name change in NSW


It’s up to you if you decide to change names after your wedding, however it’s a strong tradition with Australian brides. The 2012 Australian name change survey reported over 80% of brides go onto change names, and it’s tipped to continue increasing. It’s often a difficult decision for a bride to change names and it’s […]

10 December 2009 Comments Off on New website design!

New website design!

My lovely wife has renovated the site. I’m very happy with the stylish new look!

18 November 2009 Comments Off on Photos from November 14-15

Photos from November 14-15

The happy couple wait for their witness to sign the register

This was an intimate wedding held in Rockdale Park, in Sydney’s inner southern suburbs. David met with the bride and groom the day before to rehearse, and then enjoyed a moving ceremony on a perfect sunny Sydney day.