These alternative rites of passage to a christening or baptism are increasingly popular. The ceremony is usually held in the more informal surroundings and comfort of your own home or in a park setting.The Namegiving ceremony revolves totally around your child, and the whole family is involved.

Your input is very important and encouraged. The ceremony can be as personal and individual as you want. Some ideas: a message book so that people can write their own personal message to your child; tree planting; the inclusion of siblings, other family members or friends. There can be special poems, music, candles and whatever else you wish to make the day meaningful.

Instead of having godparents as in a baptism, relatives or friends are chosen to become ‘guide parents’, ‘guardians’, ‘mentors’, or ‘special friends’. They too can be part of the ceremony, and make it personal by saying how they will be there for your child as he or she grows. Verses can be written and read by Guardians, Parents and Grandparents.

Once you have made contact with me we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss ideas and answer questions, and then to thoroughly plan the ceremony so you feel relaxed and confident of all going well on the day.