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Guest Post: Marriage name change in NSW

It’s up to you if you decide to change names after your wedding, however it’s a strong tradition with Australian brides. The 2012 Australian name change survey reported over 80% of brides go onto change names, and it’s tipped to continue increasing.

It’s often a difficult decision for a bride to change names and it’s normal to feel a little sad to leave your old name behind. It’s not made any easier by all the processes and notifications that a bride has to go through to get all her records updated either!

To make the name change process as simple as possible, I’ve provided a quick step by step guide to ease you through the process.

  1. Always start by ordering your official marriage certificate from NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) and costs $58.  As your celebrant I can order this on your behalf to save you filling in the form.
  2. Attend any driver license facility to update your NSW driver’s license. This is free. You’ll need your original BDM certificate and current license.
  3. Update government records. Medicare cards must be done in person. The ATO can be notified online, by returning a form or when you next lodge a tax return. If you receive Centrelink benefits you must call up first. Update your electoral roll details with the AEC.
  4. Larger banks require you to visit a branch in person with ATM and/or credit cards, your BDM marriage certificate and photo ID. If you have an account with a smaller bank call to verify the procedure.
  5. If you have no pending travel you can update your passport immediately. A replacement passport is free provided you make a request within 12 months of marriage and have at least 2 years remaining on your current passport. If you have international travel you must ensure your name is the same on your passport as your ticket. You need to complete a new passport application and lodge at a post office.
  6. Update all your other records. This includes utilities, insurance, phone, internet, loyalty clubs, airline programs and more. Get a free checklist here.


Tips on changing names

  • There’s no time limit on changing names. Most brides make the change soon after marrying. If you decide not to change names, you can still change your mind even if years have passed.
  • Once you decide to change names it’s recommended you get all your accounts and ID under your new name within a month or two. It can be very frustrating when you have different names on various accounts.
  • You can keep being known by your maiden name at work, even if you have changed names everywhere else. Just make sure your HR and payroll department know your updated bank details and, if you travel abroad for work, the name on your passport.
  • If you want to make the process as simple as possible you can order a personalised name change kit from www.easynamechange.com/au. They will send all the necessary forms, plus ready to send name change letters and faxes for all the companies where you need to change names.
  • If you have any name change questions, speak to your celebrant or get obligation free advice from the experts at www.easynamechange.com/au


About the author

Genevieve Dennis is the founder of www.easynamechange.com/au and has helped thousands of Australian brides change names. If you have a tricky question she’d love to hear from you!

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