Funerals & Memorials

  • Funeral Service

    in-memoriamA funeral is both for the deceased and for the bereaved.

    It is a time to say goodbye to the deceased person and to reflect on their life. It is also a ritual that allows those who are grieving to express their sadness and loss: a meaningful ceremony that pays proper respect to the deceased, and also gives the bereaved an outlet for your grief.

    A funeral ceremony brings family and friends together to show their regard for the deceased and to celebrate and affirm his or her life. It is also an important way of sharing the burden of grief and starting to move towards acceptance. For these reasons, every funeral is unique and needs to be personalised and meaningful both for the deceased and for those who mourn.

    As funeral celebrant, I can speak on your behalf and offer advice on readings, music and rituals that will express your thoughts and feelings and offer consolation. I can meet with you in a mutually convenient location to discuss the music, readings, eulogy, speakers, and order of service. I will work with you and the Funeral Directors to create the ceremony you want and need.

  • Memorial Service

    A Memorial Ceremony marks the passing of time after the death of a beloved This ritual is a way of remembering the deceased person through spending time and sharing stories with the friends and family who were part of their life and who treasure their memory.

    A Memorial Ceremony is affirming and positive, because it restates the lasting impact of the dead person’s life. There is also healing, because time has moved on and the first sorrow has had time to mature into acceptance.

    I have a collection of some moving ideas if you are considering a memorial ceremony.

Please contact me directly or ask your Funeral Director to contact me by phone or email or use the contact me page on this website.