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Ceremonies mark the important occasions and transitions in our lives. Traditional rituals, personal preferences and social innovations all have their place in how we decide to create the most meaningful ceremonies for ourselves, our family and friends. I understand how important it is to make the occasion express your personal style and beliefs, and will do all I can towards that end.

Over the weeks or months leading up to your ceremony, I will listen to your ideas and assist you in putting together an occasion which will be memorable, affirming and joyful. Together we will make it happen.


Create a wedding ceremony that reflects your hopes and dreams for your future with your own special touches.

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Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony is a non-legally-binding ceremony for couples who wish to publicly declare their love and devotion before family and friends.

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Name Giving

The celebration of new life is a magical time for parents, family and friends. Naming ceremonies welcome a child into the world surrounded by goodwill and good wishes.

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Renewals of Vows

A renewal of marriage vows ceremony is for already-married couples who wish to celebrate their original vows or publically declare new vows to each other.

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Other Celebrations

More and more people are choosing to have ceremonies to mark other transitions e.g. a housewarming, a bon voyage, an anniversary or special birthday or the finalising of a divorce. With your input, I can tailor a ceremony to mark any occasion.

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Funerals & Memorial Ceremonies

A ritual farewell honours the deceased and comforts the bereaved. These services are life affirming and consoling.

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